Anastasia Volochkova accused of prostitution

Once Joseph Prigogine in response to the scandalous statement Anastasia Volochkova that the producer and his ward dash Valery’s wife behaving like a political prostitute, let me say that prostitution in fact does not their couple, and she a ballerina.

Then, after several weeks of clashes and even intentions to resolve this matter in court, the parties separated, reconciled.

Now Anastasia again showered accusations that it is engaged in the oldest profession. How this happens was told by the Director of a Moscow Agency Dmitry Tulenina involved in the organization of various performances and services “Dinner with a star”.

According to Tulemisova, Anastasia “threw” a wealthy Azerbaijani businessman, promising to join him in an intimate relationship, but at the last moment refused to do so.

The issue price amounted to 40 thousand dollars. However, after receiving the advance payment of 25 thousand dollars, Volochkova under the pretext that she needed to rest and gather forces closed in another room and didn’t come back to the businessman.

Morning ballerina gathered her things and left. Money dancer, of course, not returned.

Now Volochkova says that it again want to negotiate and actually this news is fabricated. Supposedly, the ballerina want to frame and slander. But Tulemisova have irrefutable evidence — recording of conversations, in which appears the sum of 40 thousand dollars.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: instagram.com

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