Anastasia Stotskaya has mutilated himself the new injection

35-year-old singer Anastasia Stotskaya, not listening to criticism of their fans, continues to experiment with looks. Star recently a little overdoing the whole lip. Still, as you can see, Stotsky made and new injection, is now due to which her face is very reminiscent of a pink pillow.

In his “Instagram” Stotsky has published a new photo that was made at the annual award of the magazine “Moda Topical”. Anastasia on this photo posing with his star friends: Maria Kozhevnikova, Oksana Fedorova, Anna Semenovich, Valerie, Anastasia Grebenkina.

The followers noted that in this photo Stotsky absolutely not yourself. Her face is completely unrecognizable, ugly and puffy.

Apparently, the reason for such drastic changes of appearance Stotsky became injectable fillers, which regularly overdoing both Russian and Western stars.

The audience asks Anastasia to stop these regular trips to the beautician, but she Stotsky, apparently, his appearance completely happy, so the advice of the fans she listen does not want.