Anastasia Reshetova tried on a wedding dress – 24???

21-year-old Russian fashion model Anastasia Reshetova published in Instagram a short video of her posing in a wedding dress. Users of the Network suggested that these videos girl puts from the boutique of wedding dresses.

9 Sep Reshetov published the Stories of several Instagram videos in which she poses in Lacy white dresses to the floor. Among the fans of Reshetovaa these videos provoked a strong reaction: they began to ask the girl about the possible wedding with rapper Timati. However, the relevant questions Reshetova decided not to answer.

Recall that Timothy began to meet Reshetovaa in 2015. The stars for a long time hid their relationship: they did not publish in social networks photos, did not attend social events together. However, in late August of 2017 Timothy has published the first joint with Reshetovaa.