Anastasia Reshetova told about a difficult childhood – 24???

Model Anastasia Reshetova, the bride rap artist Timati, told about the difficult childhood. According to the Vice-miss Russia-2014, due to the severity of her father she learned a lot, informs a portal””.

Says Anastasia, discipline and order – the main thing that was required in her family. It turned out that the father of Reshetovaa created a special schedule, assigning tasks, so the future model, along with her younger sister, Valentina didn’t have time for leisure.

Anastasia Reshetova | Cosmopolitan “Perhaps, then, I was angry with him. But then I realized how right he was,” said Reshetova in an interview with media representatives.

The girl added that such rigor has allowed her to realize many things.

“So tempered my character,” added Anastasia.

Earlier Reshetova showed a slim figure in a mini bikini. The girl told that regular visits to the gym.