Anastasia mistakenly put on a dress daughter

Anastasia is able to surprise not only the cords in unusual places and extraordinary actions. Now it has become a concern of the wardrobe of a ballerina. Specify that now we are not talking about stage costumes of the dancers, who, incidentally, has already been criticized by users and was even drafted a petition calling to ban Volochkova on the road. Today we will talk on casual ballerina.

A funny incident associated with the dress of the brand Dolce&Gabbana has told Anastasia.

“It was a funny detail…???? Beautiful on me gown????? So.. Going for lunch.. Look in the suitcase is a new dress with tag Dolce&Gabbana.. I couldn’t remember where it was I..???? Allotment. Came for lunch to mom and She and my mom surprised says, “Oh. And how is it working out for you Arishina dress?..”???? It turns out that a year ago she gave it to Kolya Baskov ???? It just hanging on the hanger and very well fell in my suitcase..???????? And fell, then was gone..???? it’s time to change clothes with my daughter.. I???? Arish instead of her dress and gave a short…????” — shared history Volochkova.

Source: instagram.com
Photo: instagram.com

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