Anastasia leads the daughter to orphanages to prevent

One of the most famous and controversial of our time ballerina Anastasia Volochkova often in interviews talking about how hard was her childhood, especially in material terms.

Parents though, and tried to do for your child everything you can, sometimes got into trouble. For example, the family Volochkova took shelter, what they had to wander in a rented apartment: “When I was seventeen, our family lost housing during the exchange we were deceived by the broker and we were left without an apartment and without money. Had to rent a room in a communal apartment, sleeping on the floor. In the same room and parents, and bedridden grandmother with an amputated after diabetes leg… I didn’t even get a ballet leotard, when the girl came to come to the ballet school. Parents bought in Leningrad Gostiny Dvor t-shirts, sewed them between the legs, and got a swimsuit. So I know how to live in poverty, and how to live in luxury.”

Given how difficult it was childhood ballerina, his daughter Ariadne Anastasia tries to give all the best. However, despite the luxury in which he lives a girl from time to time down to her from heaven to earth, showing how children live, which is lucky in life not as much as her. Does this Anastasia by visiting with Kerry children’s homes: “”Despite the fact that Arisha is surrounded by all the benefits, it grows a modest child. Interested in whether we can afford to buy a new thing or toy.” Since childhood, I drove my daughter to orphanages and showed how the children live, who do not have an extra pair of tights, and explained that they were not lucky in life. Arisha know that my parents didn’t have money for entertainment, toys”.

Note that Arish is really a very humble child. Now she is studying in 5th grade, parallel does vocals and tennis.

Source: dni.ru
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