Anastasia Kostenko took Dmitry Tarasov in the cinema

Anastasia Kostenko was taken care of Dmitry Tarasov and took him to the cinema in an attempt to attach to world culture. On a joint trip to the cinema lovers said on his page in Instagram. To view they chose a film about the legendary rapper the Tupac Amaru Sakura.

Anastasia Kostenko told subscribers that this biopic she looked on one breath and he made a lasting impression on her. The last time she was in the same condition after watching a documentary about the band “The Beatles”.

Dmitry Tarasov also said that after watching a film they with Anastasia Kostenko was impressed.

Haters are not left out and asked the real reason for publishing this photo: I wanted the models to show their “culturenet” or to prove that they Tarasov has no problems in his personal life. Some supported the choice of Anastasia Kostenko and advised to accustom the player to such things gradually, and that because of the lack of training from the campaign, for example, in “Swan lake” they may suffer a culture shock.