Anastasia Kostenko ready to give birth Tarasov children

In a recent candid interview with the new girlfriend of footballer Dmitry Tarasova, Anastasia Kostenko, said that unlike many socialite she would prefer a successful career, a strong family.

Most likely, Anastasia hinted the ex-wife of Dmitry, Olga Buzova. We all know that it is because of permanent employment Buzova, Tarasov did not wait for children, and the couple divorced.

The model admitted that he is already ready to marry Dmitri and give birth to his children: “For me love is the meaning of my life. I was brought up in love and never felt a lack in this sense. Like most girls, I want a wedding. No matter modest or elegant. Most importantly, the friends and relatives was the day of this event is near.”

By the way, some members of the model believe that she’s already pregnant. Such conclusions they did, looking at the recent picture of Anastasia, where you found her rounded belly.