Anastasia Kostenko Olga Buzova continue to compete with each other

However, users of social networks have repeatedly noted that girls are still doing everything possible to show off in front of each other. However, quite often such a competition turns into a banal copy. For example, girls pick up remarkably similar outfits, hairstyles, and compete in the biggest bunches, the website life-dom2.su.

So, the last time the rivals staged a new competition, the success was on the side of Olga Buzova. Is a sports suit Buzova seemed the stylist Alexander Belov is a good option, though not the best for her. But fashionable bow Nast,and Belov was considered the “slumber” option which is only suitable for home parties.

“Absolutely two different girls, I do not see any sense to compare them”, “Buzova recital on the nose, so I think such a doubt is absolutely not appropriate,” – said the fans of “House 2”.