Anastasia Kostenko changed his name immediately after the wedding – 24???

Russian model Anastasia Kostenko married footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Now the girl stated on the pages of the official networks as Anastasia Tarasova, informs “Around the TV”.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko | social network

January 9, 23-year-old model was the lawful wife of the athlete. A happy event, the couple announced on social media.

“Tarasovs”, “Write whatever you want”, “We still”, “We are happy” — posted a picture with a ceremony Tarasov, accompanied by hashtags.

Friends and family, as well as fans of the pair congratulated Anastasia and Dmitry with a ceremonial event. Soon the Russian media reported that the next day after the marriage Kostenko changed his name.

For Dmitry Tarasov’s marriage with Anastasia Kostenko became the third. Earlier the halfback Moscow “Locomotive” was in official relations with Oksana Osinkin, and later with Olga Buzova.