Anastasia is outraged by the accusations of alcoholism – 24???

Anastasia Volochkova responded to criticism from social media users. Famous ballerina did not hide their outrage at the accusations of alcoholism, informs a portal”.RU”.

Social media users have turned to a popular TV presenter Andrey Malakhov with a request to invite Volochkova on his show. Many users noted that the woman needs help.

“Andrew! Invite Volochkova on the show, she alcoholomania,” Malakhov turned to one of the subscribers. Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova | Cosmopolitan

Ballerina itself outraged by such insults, saying that some people open fake accounts in social networks and write with them all sorts of nasty things to her. In particular, Anastasia was accused of these actions, the wife of a former driver, the dancer was fired. According to Volochkova, Sonia Skirtach organized an open persecution against it.

In an interview with the celebrity added that “we need to not treat her, and the souls of evil creatures who live by lies and deceit.”