Anastasia: “I can do everything”

The name of the scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova does not descend from strips of media. News about her constantly appear on the Internet and interestingly, the scandals she provokes Anastasia. With confidence we can say that Volochkova is one of the first in the list of notorious persons of domestic show-business.

Many users of Instagram are often subjected to sharp criticism for Anastasia screaming, in their opinion, the frankness. However, the dancer is not silent and the other day in Instagram and decided to dot the “i”. She published a great post in which he wrote: “My good! You like my swagger? Wait. Paparazzi do not need. I you myself in the first person better. It is honest and truthful! See. It’s me. True and sincere. A trip to the Maldives! Writing from the plane – is also me. Given to me by a white Maybach! Black will also be for harmony! Do not worry. It is already there! Favorite white roses for me! And my! Hug a loved one-me too! Tracksuit personally gave, do not be nervous. Give your welcome. If there is someone… really.. and happiness is me! Love you, dear! And joy! And learn not to envy, but to rejoice in the successes of others! And all that I have , I DESERVE it! Incredible work! And, my dear, after what I have achieved and done and danced, believe me, I can do everything”.

The majority of subscribers supported Anastasia, however, there were those who considered this record is another attempt for PR.