Anastasia balinsky told an instructive story from my childhood

Once in the camp happened to me a funny story. I danced during my squats… I tore my pants on 5toy point. And so, that it was all upstairs. A lot of shouting and condemnation I have heard in their favor. But gathered strength, changed my pants and danced even better than it was before. Then another 2 years resting in the camp, no one could forget this story. And when I reminded about it, it seemed to me that I want to somehow offend or belittle what I always laughed it off and took it only with a smile. But after 7 years, I was in the store a woman came up which at first I didn’t even know it was a counselor, just from the camps and I heard from her the following story. That is, it is this situation with my dance has always set an example to their daughters in education. After all, in whatever situation in life you do not hit, we must gather ourselves into a fist, raise your head and continue to do only better. And it’s really true.