Anastasia admitted that 14 years is one jacket

Popular Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova after the numerous scandals associated with her name said in his microblog that friends are not forget is one jacket for more than 14 years. Subscribers ballerina suggested themselves to buy her new garments.


Anastasia Volochkova on his official page in social network Instagram posted a new photo, where he appeared with his friend in a warm winter jacket. “Friends for 14 years. That is friendship! And these jackets Peter gave me 14 years ago”, – has signed the scandalous ballerina.

Followers immediately took to discuss Volochkova, as it is not believed that Anastasia can’t afford to buy a new jacket. Many thought this post from ballerina inappropriate, to the same old coat called ridiculous: “jackets bugs didn’t start yet?”, “You are ancient what?”, “Poor Nastya! One half of the property is a former lopped off, the second driver was stolen. Even a new jacket can not buy”, “don’t you wear these jackets. Or new you to give, no money?”.