American “the Bachelor” was raped by a member of the program

An unprecedented event occurred in American business: the popular show “Bachelor in Paradise” was closed early, and the reason for this is the rape of one of the participants of the bachelor.

In fact, as such there was no rape, just a girl had been drinking, and the protagonist of the program – thirty years of Demario Jackson took advantage of her and has sex with her. Sober, the 24-year-old Corinne Olympus have accused him of violence against them, and the producers of the show – aiding.
The incident occurred in Meksike. According to insiders, after filming, the participants and the crew rested, drank alcohol.

“Olympus walked up to Jackson and jumped to his Jacuzzi. They first talked about something and laughed, after among them the flashlight and they began to kiss just in front of everyone, including, and the producers of the show. Those really did not do anything to prevent sexual relations between the parties” — said the insider.
One day, as sober Corinne said that has no idea what was in the Jacuzzi with Jackson, because he was very drunk, and “the bachelor” allegedly took advantage of her. The main accusation voiced in the direction of producers who did not prevent their sexual relationship.
“The producers could have stopped it. They saw that Corinne is drunk, but chose not to intervene. Everyone is now angry at the organizers of the TV project” — said the insider.
It is noteworthy that the Olympus went on the show to conquer, Demario, a boyfriend, a relationship which she … “didn’t want to take any chances.” Its partner, the”rapist” Corinne does not accuse, because he was also drunk.
Now shooting the fourth season of the program is suspended, an internal investigation is conducted. The producers denied his guilt, they say, a girl not fifteen years, and she’s your body. However, the fate of the show, which was aired in August of this year, hangs in the balance.

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