American critics have called the most underrated movies of 2017

January 2 — the news Agency “News”. Variety magazine called the most underrated films of 2017, which did not become box-office hits, despite the high assessment of film critics.

The list includes 13 paintings. Among them, a film by Giorgos Lanthimos “Killing a sacred deer” with Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell, which was awarded the Cannes film festival for best screenplay. Next on the list is “the Lost city of Z” with Charlie Hannema, Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller. Closes the three “battle of the sexes” with Emma stone in the lead role.

Also on the list are the winner of the Cannes film festival “120 BPM” Robin, Campillo. Among other “underrated” films: “Farm “Mudbound”, “Patty Cakes”, “Beach rats”, “the Ghost’s Story”, “Personal shopper”, “Good time”, “Their finest hour” and “At the limit”.