American actress apologized to Donald trump

American actress Kathy Griffin has apologized to the American President Donald Trump for a photo with his alleged severed head. Even ardent fans of stand-up comedian did not appreciate her humor, and that had to apologize in front of everyone. 56-year-old woman admitted that he had gone too far and “begged forgiveness.”

“I just now saw the reaction of people to these images. I’m a comedian, and I crossed a line, gone too far. I offer my sincere apologies. The image is really disgusting, and only now I understood how hurt people. It was not funny, I understand it now. During my career I made a lot of mistakes, and this is one of the biggest. It was wrong,” said Katie.
The son of Republican Donald trump Jr. has already commented unfunny parody of his father.
“These pictures are disgusting, but they did not surprise me,” he said.
Defended the President.. even Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the main opponent of Donald in the presidential election of Hillary Clinton.
“This is wildly wrong. To joke about killing the President is impossible, it’s not funny” — she wrote on his page on Twitter.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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