Amber heard johnny Depp accused of delaying the divorce process

Hollywood couple amber heard and johnny Depp continue to quarrel in the legal plane. The actress is still refusing to sign a confidentiality agreement that will bind her hands (and mouth closed), and faces a huge fine.

Recall that a representative of johnny Depp demands that amber signed a deal on confidentiality and privacy, if he wants to see how much money on account of her husband.
“Johnny Depp proposed amber to choose from two contracts, and was ready to discuss their nuances, but Hurd refused to sign the documents. We’re just trying to protect personal information and documents from disclosure in the media,” the lawyer said Depp. But the lawyer heard claims that this confidentiality agreement is just cause to delay the divorce process and a pretext in order to evade the provision of documents. according to human rights, in the case of disclosure of ember will be obliged to pay 100 thousand dollars, and for her it is a huge amount.
“Offered johnny Depp the-disclosure documents can bring my client to large financial losses, and this is an open threat. We require defendants not to delay the divorce process, to document non-disclosure” — said the lawyer amber.
Recall that the actress has filed for divorce after just 15 months of marriage. Hurd claimed that johnny was cruel to her, humiliated and beaten. As proof, she provided the photos in which she is shown with bruises (made immediately after the beating). Fans of dushku Depp was discouraged from such information, and many of them did not believe in what he is capable of that.
To hide away from the divorce and the associated beating of the scandal, johnny and his band “the Hollywood vampires” went on a world tour. Amber, meanwhile, has repeatedly seen in the company of a former spouse, which obviously gave her his shoulder in this difficult period.

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