Amber heard is again seen with billionaire

It seems that Hollywood actress amber heard has found a replacement for my husband johnny Depp, which is now in a very ugly divorce proceedings. Celebrity was again seen in the company of the billionaire founder of Tesla Elon musk. The couple was spotted at a party in London.

Couple was first spotted in Miami last month, was seen in the company of Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne stars recently released on the screen “suicide Squad”. Then the Mask was even seen in the lobby of the hotel where he stayed amber, and even though their friends claim that the actress and millionaire – just friends, it is a little hard to believe.
Meanwhile, ex-wife Ilona Talal Riley, whom he divorced a second time, still believes that they can get together.
“Never say never” — she said.
Recall that lawyers amber a few days ago accused her husband in delaying the divorce process. The requirement heard to provide documents about the finances of her husband, lawyers Depp responded with a counter-requirement to sign documents not to disclose personal information. Fear of huge fines and, apparently, with plans to this information to disclose, amber does not agree to the signing of documents, simultaneously accusing Depp that so he wants to delay the divorce process and to lower scandal on brakes.

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