Amber heard and Elon musk caught on romantic date after a breakup

It is known that earlier the American actress amber heard announced the breakup with billionaire Elon Musk, however, a few days ago, a couple noticed in one of the cafes in the United States, where they were kissing.


Information about this event appeared in the Western media. Witnesses and journalists say they saw a power couple in one of the institutions in the United States. They had dinner together, and then they began to kiss in public. The journalist continues to follow them, and their work was not in vain.

At this moment, the users of popular social networks such as Instagram and Facebook speculated about whether there was a real kiss, or a friendly. Recall that formally an American actress and the businessman had announced their relationship on April 23 this year, and quite recently, it was reported that amber heard and Elon Musk broke up.