Alla Pugacheva has introduced a new hit “I fly”: VIDEO premiere

New year’s eve on the First channel Diva debuted with a new song, which quickly became a hit Online.

Alla Pugacheva all-taki took a photo of the room for “blue light”. The video for the song “I fly” for a few hours and watched 30 thousand users. Most were delighted with the new work prima donnas.

Performance with participation of stars was filmed in the center of Moscow. In the video Pugacheva cuts through the Russian capital in a Rolls Royce Phantom.

No one asked you me from the Blizzard covered. As if I didn’t love you, like you didn’t love me.

Fans have left thousands of positive reviews: “Alla, loved the song and You. Gorgeous! Health To You! I want more!”, “The feeling of Happiness from the New songs! Thank you, Alia, it was a real New year. Thank you for the holiday in our hearts. We Love You So Much. You Are The Queen. No You equal. You are the one and only”.

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Photo source: Instagram Maxim Galkin