Alla Pugacheva asked forgiveness from a former lover


Alla Pugacheva asked forgiveness of the deceased Pavel Slobodkin. She published a post with such sad words in your profile Instagram.

Pavel Slobodkin was not only one of the first producers Pugacheva, but it and its civil husband. He made an enormous contribution to the future of the artist, to him it owes its popularity. But recently, after several years of fighting cancer, 72-year-old Paul died after the attack.

As usual, Alla does not make the audience their personal feelings, but this time she couldn’t hold back. The actress published a profile an entire speech dedicated to her longtime friend.
In it, Pugachev expressed his sorrow for the deceased and admitted that the memories of youth will always be associated with him. She acknowledged that Slobodkin was a wonderful musician and composer, but one cannot subdue fate and eventually all will leave this life.
In addition, Alla wrote: “goodbye and I’m sorry, man.” Further reasons why she asked for no forgiveness. Perhaps she had hurt something Paul, when they parted or the time of collaboration and production activities.