Alisa Hazanova found romance on the edge of the world

And Pyotr Fyodorov barely escaped from the hands of the fans. Details and other star news — in the secular review Znamenitka

How far had the stars in late summer, by the first of September many of them have returned to Moscow. Even incredibly busy Grigory Leps himself leads his son to school that, apparently, shows the desire of celebrities not to miss really important events. However, many colleagues of Mr. Leps in the music business was in Moscow in the last days of August. At a party in honor of the birthday of the popular radio station walked all the musical Beau Monde, and chroniclers were staring at the stars after the summer holidays. Who lost weight, who gained weight, are there any signs of pregnancy, and, of course, who and what. You need to recognize that sensation yet. But most of all talk about Sati Casanova. She’s still the same slim, although he complains of back problems. However, this does not prevent her to choose a wedding dress and prepare for the wedding with her Italian fiance. At least that is the conclusion the photos in her account. How much truth and how much fiction, is unclear. Sati herself prefers to sing than to speak, and it is also not bad.

The festival “on the Edge”, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Alisa Hazanova at the festival worked as a member of the jury, but other than that showed in the non-competitive program of his film “Fragments”. When the island came the husband of Alice Dmitry Shokhin, the public was alarmed, but in vain, to interfere with the work of his wife, Dmitry wasn’t going to. And instead went to travel in reserved places of the island.

The demand among viewers for a jury member Peter Fedorov was unusually high. To impress your boyfriend, Fedorov refused to photograph anyone, which almost hurt physically. Caught in the middle of the student team from Omsk, Peter immediately realized the danger and literally barely escaped from the hands of the girls.

The smile vanished from the face of Igor Mishin, and other guests of the festival, when one of the local said that in the place where was this photo taken earlier this morning wandering the two bears, and frighten them away had fired into the air. No, of course no one freaked out, but the grass and bushes more to go, no one dared.

Producer Sergei Yakhontov, and Pyotr Fyodorov very fond of seafood. Perhaps, the taste of Sakhalin shrimp is something amazing, if serious men acted as if he wanted to make friends with the crustaceans.

Travel from Georgia to Sakhalin for Avtandil Makharadze was definitely not easy, but 74-year-old actor carried it perfectly. Sakhalin Avtandil Ivanovich liked, perhaps, in particular, the company Rezo Gigineishvili, who accompanied him everywhere.