Aliana Ustinenko wants four children

Want three sonnies and the lassie the daughter. Since childhood years, from 16-ti dreamt of a big happy family! A lot of babies. For a large house. Those who neither ask someone about the career dreams of someone’s personal life is his to arrange. I am of the opinion that family first, then career. The children are never a hindrance in building a career, just a great motivator. To be a young mom – it’s cool! Together with his family to move forward and succeed it’s bold! And don’t let it be so easy to do, we don’t have to go the easiest way.
There are cases that work, are on the career ladder, BAM and you have 30-40 years, and no family, no kids… and anyhow who will come to at least give birth. And the money and work you won’t hold the cold evening will not take care of you when you’re hard.

Many say, Alian, you do not know how hard it is with three. Yes, I know, I sometimes have the feeling that I have a child, and as many as 10. I still want three or four. I’m willing to make sacrifices. Family is power. Your defense. Your house. Take care of yourself and your family.