Alexey Vorobyov is preparing to become a father

Ex-member show “the Bachelor,” Alexei Vorobyov admitted that preparing to become a father. Fans of the artist, do not rush to grab the heart! This will not happen in the near future. No secret friend of the musician is not pregnant. But singer already knows that fatherhood is something he’s interested in and put it in a drawer he did not intend.

“I, like any man, and he begins on the subject to ponder. I know that it will come into my life,” says Alex. By the way, Vorobyov have an idea on how to raise children, even drawn up a specific plan.

“I grew up in a big family, always wanted kids, and was sure that I would. Don’t know how and when such things are meaningless to plan. I just feel like my life is coming soon — confessed sparrows. — I’m ready for a long time. And, by the way, the principle will definitely apply in the education of children is a reward system”.

Alex is sure that the reward system can make a person eager, and hardworking: “If a person wants to achieve, he needs to do something. Their child I’ll never let anything just, that is he will receive a base minimum, and then himself. Want to play soccer you need cleats, a soccer ball, uniforms, Shin guards… for Example, would come to me and say, “dad, I want these new shoes, they are the coolest, most comfortable”. I will tell him: “Well “precisey” me 30 times on one leg, please.” If he can do it, then get new shoes, I can not – will go on to train, and when “procircuit” you’ll get it. This system implies that a person starts working for your success since childhood. So it was with me.”

Source: starhit.ru
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