Alexey Panin wants his ex-wife pay him child support

Some time ago the ex-wife of Alexei Panin, has filed a lawsuit in the court in which demanded to bring the former husband’s liability for failure to pay child support and for failure to comply with the court’s decision (daughter in law to live with my mother, but ran away from her and currently resides with his father.

In the lawsuit Julia Udintsev demanded from the actor more than a million rubles, but the court, much to the surprise of the woman, he stood on the side of Panin.

“Today, the Moscow court had a hearing on the alimony. I this meeting was not, because sitting at home with my daughter. There was only my lawyer, — said Alexey. Three hours the meeting went on, that the world court long enough. And as a result the court issued a ruling in which he denied bringing me to administrative responsibility for failure to pay child support.” Arguments in favor of the fact that Panin does not have to pay Udintseva alimony was that the daughter does not live with the mother and father. So, money should not pay the actor ex-wife, and Vice versa.

“And now: the case is about the fact that I was released from payment of the alimony and brought to this feature Udintseva. Still, the daughter was living with me, so it Udintsev have to pay me child support,” concluded the actor.

Source: kp.ru

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