Alexey Panin got into an altercation at the restaurant

Known for its scandals Russian actor Alexey Panin again excelled. The artist threw a tantrum in one of the restaurants in the city of Kirov, about it reports the local edition “Your Kirovskiy”, referring to the words of the witness.

The source alleges that Alexis didn’t like the quality served in the restaurant eating, and he decided to make the employees of the catering establishments is significant and edifying play on the theme of how to prepare the stars of domestic show-business.
Alex was screaming and hysteria at the frightened employees and sprinkled their choicest abuse then.. “wished them a good day, said goodbye, and left.
By the way, four years ago in the same Kirov the same Panin told the chef of the restaurant, how to cook and serve pasta.

Source: http://tvzvezda.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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