Alexey Panin fears for the mental state of the daughter

Scandalously famous Russian actor Alexey Panin fears that his eight-year-old daughter, niusia can become crazy at the age of thirty. But the reason for this he sees that they with the girl’s mother Julia Yudintseva all does not divide his child, and that supposedly the girl’s mother has mental problems.

We will remind that scandal with the abduction of nyusi then mother, then father, was descended from the very beginning. Now, after another kidnapping daughter lives with her father and mother, with her words, not bored.
“It’s okay to drink, and to chase 20-year-old boy? When I lived with her, she always did,” says eight-year-old child. And her father, meanwhile, talks about his fears for journalists of TV channel “Kuban 24”.
“I fear for the mental state of her daughter. It also can be a crazy thirty years, like her mother. After all, Julia is a mentally ill person and she still remains the mother of my child. Pleased that the NUS bye dad” said Alex. But for some reason we can’t recall the scandals associated with the name of Udintseva, at the time, as Panin known for his drunken antics, and masturbating in a police station, a fascination with nudism and many other shocking cases.
Julia not going to give up and requires men to return the daughter and to pay over a million dollars in child support that Panin refused to pay.

Source: http://news.bcm.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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