Alexey Panin decided to “beauty shots” – 24???

Alexey Panin, a popular Russian actor, turned for help to a plastic surgeon. Famous actor for the first time tested the so-called “beauty shots,” writes Teleprogramma.pro.

Alexey Panin has long been known for its extravagance, getting into various scrapes and scandals. This time on the advice of the actress Anna Kalashnikova actor decided to address to leading experts to “adjust the appearance”. According to celebrity, age and lifestyle adversely affect its appearance.

Panin has shared with journalists his impressions of the beauty treatments. The man told that “his face a little podustal and required easy tuning”.

Russian actor Alexey Panin | Metro “Made fillers that are a bit pulled a face,” said the actor to the media.

Panin added that no plastic surgeries he has done and in the near future does not plan.