Alexey Panin became the leading news – 24???

39-year-old Russian actor Alexey Panin started his YouTube channel titled “Hypnotist”, which has already signed up more than 10 thousand people. The first broadcast Panin published on 8 September.

In the program Panin discussed the news of the last week, occasionally using obscene language. The actor also told how his video in which he walks in the street in stocking feet, became popular.

Panin in the video mentioned Russian help, in particular Yuri Duda, Nikolay Sobolev, Eldar Garajova. Together with the actor in the shot was also a man in a dragon costume, an attractive girl in underwear and a few office workers, laziness of official duties.

Alexey Panin | Sputnik

At the end prelacy Panin leaves the Studio on gyrometer with spinner and vaping in his hands.