Alexey kupin in childhood believed in miracles

Madly in love to celebrate the New year! Since childhood, very fond memories. I remember how excited for presents under the tree. Remember how you loved to decorate the Christmas tree it was always fun. I love it when it snows on New year’s, it raises the festive mood. Up to 8 years wrote letters to Santa Claus. Wrote that well-behaved and asked me to give a good gift. Thanks to my grandmother I have long believed that Santa Claus exists. I sincerely believed that the gifts he brings! Love my grandmother, she made my childhood bright. Now children unfortunately don’t believe in fairytales, and they are hard to surprise. Friends, I want to wish you in 2018 to believe in miracles, I wish you much love and happiness! Let the New year everyone will bring a lot of joy and positive! All new year holidays, with love Alexey kupin.