Alexey Kudryashov told me what I do for a living

I’m 12 years old played hockey (4 to 16), was injured cross-shaped ligament. During recovery, started going to the gym and for the first month gained 15-17 kg. I so much like to transform my body, that hockey was on the backburner, and to be honest, I just tired for such a long time. At the moment I’m interested in the field of fitness and all that it involves. Want to play on the comps for Men’s Physicist. I also worked for two years coaching the younger children (5-7). Provided that never played football professionally. The opportunity I had due to the fact that I was an educator for physical culture. The salary was so meager that I had to look for jobs on various freelance (posing, work the hookah at night, a waiter, a few times even danced a Striptease, starred in different programs.