Alexey Buldakov was seriously ill

Znamenitka found out what happened with people’s artist

Colleagues of the star of the movie “peculiarities of national hunting” Alexei Buldakov seriously concerned about his health. It became known that the actor feels bad. It is for this reason he did not come at the XV festival of theatre and cinema “the Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk. Buldakov was supposed to be part of the jury and evaluate a theatrical work, and spend a creative evening. However, the organizers of the speech had to return money to those who already bought tickets.

How did you learn Znamenitka, Alexei caught a cold, so feels bad. This happened on return from Anapa, where recently the actor was spotted at another event. “They called me also and said that he had a temperature of 40. He can’t come”, — said the President of festival Sergey Novozhilov.

It is worth noting that fans also worried about the status of the artist, because we know that two years ago Buldakova was already bad. And when he went to the doctors, it turned out that he had a malignant tumor. The actor was scheduled medication and chemotherapy, which, fortunately, had a positive effect on the body of the actor.