Alexei Panin can not leave Russia because of debts

The vast debts of the infamous Russian actor Alexey Panin became the reason he doesn’t wash to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. For several years the actor has gathered a huge amount of unpaid debts and he was in the list of restricted to travel abroad, while not pay all its bills.

The amount of debt includes arrears of alimony, credits, taxes and penalties. On the basis of the decision of the police and relevant services Panin will not be able to pass the border. Under the law, problems can arise from any citizen of the Russian Federation in his debt of ten thousand roubles what to speak about millions.
If you believe the information of judicial officers, we are talking about, at least two million rubles, while more than a million rubles, the arrears of alimony ex-wife Yulia Yudintseva, which Alex unlawful daughter was taken. To pay the debts is not going Panin, citing the fact that his daughter still lives with him and their full contents, but according to the court, Anna has to live with the mother, and therefore, the actor must pay ex-wife. Not paid Panin also the credit for the car and have not paid traffic fines for a reckless driving n the road.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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