Alexei kupin has made it clear to Maya Dontsova, the wedding is off


We have paired there is a tradition to celebrate every month of our relationship. I always make this day a surprise for Maya and a beautiful date. Today is 4 months since we are together. I bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers, ordered some sushi, made for Maya on a date in the form of a game. And at the end of the night, got down on one knee and gave the pendant and chain. To which my girlfriend responded with humor and was pleasantly surprised by the gift. To date, there have been too many conversations about the wedding from the Maya. In this gesture I decided to let her know that the wedding at the moment, we don’t need to rush. To date, I have supported Maia in its changes. And I want to build a relationship in which there will be quarrels, and there will be only love and understanding.
[Author: Alexey Kupin]