Alexei kupin has boasted an expensive gift for the New year from Maya Dontsova

However, a few days ago from Alex and Maya came and good news. As it became known, on the eve of New year the young people were able to solve a number of issues that have created controversy in their relationship. In addition, if you have recently Dontsova pondered over how to leave my boyfriend, in honor of the New year she gave Alex a gorgeous gift – expensive car, the website life-dom2.su.

However, not everyone is ready to believe in the generosity of the girl. At least under the photo, where Alex shows off expensive gift, subscribers are wondering about what kind of car it is, a toy, or washing.

“Something I do not really believe that the Mayans had made such a gift” “yeah, the car she gave him, if only a toy or gubozakatochnye?” – wrote fans of “House 2”.