Alexei Chadov appeared with a new girlfriend at the premiere screening of the Comedy

Showman Alexey Chadov appeared in the company of his new lady. He and the pretty brunette attended the showing of the Comedy “Grandma easy virtue.”


After the official divorce proceedings Alexei Chadova with his wife two weeks passed, and he has appeared on the premiere show of the movie ”Grandma easy virtue” with the attractive brunette. The guests, among whom were many stars of show business, I noticed that a couple share not only interests to work.

They always were together, besides Chadov kept companion by the arm. Alexey Chadov was married to Agnes Ditkovskite, but their marriage finally ended on July 26 of this year. For 10 years they periodically go back and forth. Have a common son Fyodor, 2014 birth. About the stranger Alexei Chadov’t told anyone any information and from the gaze of reporters just left.