Alexandra Black-and scared the audience with the ugliness of what is happening on her head

However, all the admiration of the audience faded away after she showed her hair during one of the esters. Many fans of the TV project “House 2” agreed that extended hair in the case of Black-more like greasy icicles hanging down, and thus look pretty ugly. Furthermore, perturbations caused even excess weight Alexandra, and her bald spots on hair, the site says life-dom2.su.

Many turned to Sasha with a request to do them in the first place to lose weight. Fans have no doubt that with the help of organizers, willing to pay Black gastric banding and other surgeries, she has all the chances to look better and eventually find love.

“Hair is like dirty icicles”, “in fact, the hair should lay, and she, as I understand it, it is a matter of indifference,” “Terror, what terror!” – wrote outraged viewers of the TV project “House 2”.