Alexandra Black-and attacked guest “House 2”. Video

Despite the fact that she has had a few lessons in etiquette and promised to go to the ball, she continues to behave aggressively. Alexander did not hesitate negative comments about colleagues on the show, happy to get into altercations with Joseph, and ready to apply any measures of influence on those who stand between her and Hovhannisyan, the website life-dom2.su.

And judging by the announcement of the future broadcast, had enough of Alexandra, and right in the face, raw fish new party. Come down to the fact that Joseph had to pull the raging Black clearly did not expect such a hurried new participant. And if not a team from Vlad kadoni calm down, do not know what all this might end.

“The feeling that Black-and Joseph became the replacement Rapunzel – he is ready to leave, but she clung to the project” – the audience wrote a reality show.