Alexander Zadoinov married

Despite all attempts, nor Elina Kamiren nor Zhenya Feofilaktova not “dragged him down the aisle”, are unable to influence the situation, even the birth of a daughter from Elina. However, if we take into account fresh pictures with a young man, it becomes obvious that a certain blonde still managed to legalize the relationship with the former star of “House 2”, the website life-dom2.su.

And although at the moment there is no official confirmation of the incident, the pictures from the wedding speak for themselves. Fans have already evaluated and chosen bride Alexandra. According to many, the bride Sasha is quite an attractive girl, and the young man looks imposing and, apparently, happy.

“Oh really? Something hard to believe!”, “Until I see the marriage certificate, I will not believe it!” – questioned the fans “House 2” in the incident.