Alexander Serov ignores his own daughter

Only in may the famous singer Alexander Serov complained of his loneliness, and today it became known that he is the enemy of your happiness – the singer deliberately not communicating with his daughter Christine.

Recall that the ex-girlfriend of Alexander Hope, the tiller works appeared in the broadcast Studio “Talk show”, where all honest people said that many years ago gave birth to Serov’s daughter.
23 years ago a fan of the artist and the journalist approached him for an autograph and to interview. Alexander she immediately liked, and between them began a short but very passionate affair. It is noteworthy that the Hope at the time was a married lady. She soon became pregnant, and Serov pledged to help her as you can, but its not kept for many years and simply forgot about their child. To prove that Serov was the father of her child Thaler did a DNA examination, which showed a 100% match.

Hope asked the father of his daughter to help her with training, but for beginners is not only ignoring the request, but insults ex-lover, tells her nasty things and threatens. Daughter he does not want to know and demands to be left alone. Christina nothing material from Serov wants – she just wants a father who wasn’t there for her 23 years of her life.
Even now, after Alexander’s paternity was confirmed, he did not wish to know Christine, and she, in turn, hopes that his heart will thaw.

Source: http://russianshowbiz.info
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