Alexander Rosenbaum has dedicated a new song the Vera Glagoleva – 24???

Russian singer Alexander Rosenbaum has dedicated his new song “Faith, Glagol ‘dobro” of the late actress Vera Glagoleva. On 29 October he delivered in the Theatre of the Russian army within the framework of his solo tour in Moscow, reports “Around.TV”

According to Rosenbaum, Glagoleva was present at almost all his concerts. Out there musician wanted to be “better”, writes TASS.

Alexander Rosenbaum and Vera Glagoleva

We will remind that Vera Glagoleva has died at the age of 61 from cancer, which she kept for ten years. According to “Levanda” the majority of Russians considered the death Glagoleva the most memorable event of August 2017.

In the filmography of Vera Glagoleva there are such famous projects as “do Not shoot in white swans”, “Descended from heaven”, “marry a captain”, “on Thursday and never again”.