Alexander Gradsky insulted Malakhov – 24???

Russian singer Alexander Gradsky took part in the programme “Tonight” on the First channel. The source of the edition “Days.ru” explains why the singer had previously refused to participate in the filming.

After leading the new show “Tonight” became Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova, the city decided to transfer. Previously, he was regularly refused this offer because the program was led by Andrei Malakhov.

“It (the town) has never agreed, saying that this m**** he’s a foot!”, the source stated.

Within the show Alexander Gradsky spoke about filming “the Voice,” its ratings on the First channel. Spectators and participants of the show inquired about the condition of the city. The singer admitted that he suffered only a hip fracture.

City for “Tonight” | rrnews.ru

Recall that in August, the Network got the video footage of Alexander Gradsky being taken in a wheelchair to a chair mentor during the show’s filming the new season of “the Voice.” It was equipped with a special ramp.