Alexander Goias over the past few months has noticeably aged

Young people has long been talk of marriage, but also thinking about joint children. Moreover, even Alexander decided to move to Moscow to his daughter, who has long been in the care of grandparents in Kaliningrad. But the lovers ‘ happiness was short-lived, and the culprit began the infidelity, the website life-dom2.su.

That is why the followers believe that the experiences and not the best emotional background will be printed on the exterior of Alexandra. From fans noticed that Sasha didn’t just become worse, but much older. Moreover, looking at the new photo Gosias hard to believe that she is 30 years so deep wrinkles struck her once pretty face.

“One of the most vile and disgusting participants “House 2″.All their troubles, and she wrongly blames Marina Afrikantov. Is the perimeter of the Marina was supposed to contain all their merry company, headed Chuyev and Konstantin Ivanov” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.