Alexander Black is ready to leave the “House-2” with Joseph Hovhannisyan

Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Alexander Black is ready to leave the clearing after her boyfriend Joseph Hovhannisyan. The famous member of telestroke sure that they with Joseph still may successfully develop. The other day Joseph spoke seriously about his intention to leave the controversial project.
Despite the fact that he strongly impose relationships with complete and hyperactive Sasha Black, and about plastic surgery on the nose he can forget. One of disappointment and shame I think the viewers.

Not to be a virgin, which run all grooms, Alexander said he will leave the project with Joseph. Actually nobody kicks of the TV show.
According to rumors, the reason is hidden in the conditions of contract, violating which will have to pay the penalty, the volume of which can be quite large. Based on this, Joseph will have to continue to endure her extraordinary companion.