Alexander Black found a replacement for Joseph Oganessian. Video

At the moment, if we take into account the frames from a future broadcast, Alexander Black drew attention to Alexei, who only just managed to get rid of the likes of Sasha Sheva. Moreover, despite being in front of cameras, Cicic and Black is not shy about his feelings, passionately embracing on camera, says the website life-dom2.su.

Although the arms of the guys tell us very little, and hardly hinted at the possibility of the novel, some viewers suggest he be very careful with Black. Remembering how Black and mite was in a relationship with Joseph Oganessian, it is possible that with Alex she will behave well and to get rid of her will be much harder than Sheva.

“How would Cicic the fate of Joseph is not repeated, unless Black decides to beat him, I think she doesn’t work out, it’s not tiny Joseph” – joked the fans of the youth show.