Alexander Black and Isof Oganesyan look each other comically

It is worth noting that many viewers still did not understand what Joseph found in sachets. In addition to the heavy nature, the girl is not well suited to him externally. However, few could imagine how ridiculous young people look outside the walls of the project. After the picture of the Moscow metro, the boys compared with the characters of the famous fable “Elephant and Moska” writes the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, many suggested that the young man is ashamed of his companion. At least judging by the photos, he prefers to stand from Alexandra, at some distance, not hand or arm in arm, as is customary in pairs.

“The taste and color – no friend. Someone like bones rattling, someone like Sasha Black”, “Yeah, she’s only short dresses to wear” – shared his opinion of the fans of the youth show “Dom 2”.