Alexander Belyaev told about the fight against cancer

Known Russian TV presenter Alexander Belyaev for the first time decided to talk with journalists about their struggle with cancer. Currently the narrator of the weather forecast is successful six-year struggle with a terrible disease, but doctors say the need to carry out the operation.


Cancer the broadcaster was diagnosed with in 2011. According to Alexander Beljaeva, he could remember everything that happened to him six years ago. Star national television felt in the chest unusual discomfort, but was not paying attention and did not rush to seek medical assistance. According to the presenter, the development of cancer tumors warned him of adverse weather conditions. Belyaev said that on the eve of the New year, he was driving during a terrible storm. According to the star, it was God trying to warn him about existing health problems.

Now behind Belyaeva huge amount of consumed tablets and two courses of chemotherapy. The doctors TV presenter ascertain positive developments in the treatment of the patient, however, insists on carrying out the operation.