Alexander Artyomov received a New year gift smart car

As it turned out now, even Evgeny Kuzin tries to save his sweetheart. For example, in the new year the young man decided to go beyond a simple gift presented to his wife a luxury car. The choice of a former member of the youth TV show fell on the infiniti, which cost approximately two million roubles, says the website life-dom2.su.

A photo of her luxurious gift were quick to boast of the girl with their followers. The latter was frankly struck by a gesture Cousin. Many do not even hide the fact that I did not expect from a young man of such act. Especially when you consider that his first wife, Margarita, Marceau, such gifts he never did.

“Well done, Eugene, if finances allow such a gift, then why not?” “A good gift under the Christmas tree” – said the audience “House 2”.