Alexander Artemov showed their greed

Alexander Artyomov and Eugene Kuzin for over a year not may apply to the Registrar, but the conversations are quite long. Delaying the filing occurred on the background of the fact that the organizers have allocated a million guys on the organization of the celebration, but Sasha found new reasons to postpone the trip to the registry office. However, now that the chance to spend a million there is less and less time young people are ready to do anything to be on time, the website life-dom2.su.

After hints leading that few weeks the prize guys “burn,” a cousin and aunt hastened to apply to the Registrar. In addition, a pair of double speed began searching for wedding dresses and rings. The couple has been asked the subscribers where it is better to celebrate the most important day in your life. However, not everyone is ready to be happy for Zhenya and Sasha. Social media users have accused the latter of greed, noting that the wedding is unlikely to take place would not threaten Borodin to take money.

“And that cousin doesn’t know where the good places that he is leading. Aunt may has a view where it is cheaper to pay for food this I believe”, “did not reveal Anything new. Sasha another project showed how greedy” – he wrote to fans of telestroke.